Premium Curry Sauces

Premium Aromatic Sauces Inspired by
The Great Sub Continent of The East Indies

The Rangoon Racquet Club's range of delicious aromatic sauces have largely been influenced by the great Mogul chefs of Northern India, namely Lucknow. There are no added preservatives or MSG they enable you to turn any meal into a culinary delight with the absolute minimum of effort, whether it be just something you quickly put together after a hard days work or a lavish spread for a dinner party with a difference.

Spice has been a major influence in European cooking since a small number of London based companies were granted a charter by the Queen of England in the 1600's, from this The East India Trading Company was born and the result was the sharing of some great culinary delights. 

Premium aromatic sauces

England is one of the western world’s largest consumer of curries outside of India and Pakistan but unfortunately the refinements and delicate flavours of the dish are often lost by the over use of chilli. Many UK restaurants have made up curry dishes such as Phal, Bindaloo and Tindaloo, Dishes that are unheard of in India that use ridiculous amounts of fresh chillies and powders. Crunching on red hot coals would be like munching ice cubes compared to some of these over the top creations.

India has a fairly varied climate and one will find in general the higher the temperature the hotter the curry. Chilli slows down bacterial contamination caused by the heat and will disguise any rancidity that might be present. The climate of Northern India is cooler and the dishes are more aromatic . In Europe Pheasants and Hares are often hung for weeks to tenderise and flavour. Some cuts of beef are kept in the same way until they become what is known as blue. When buying meat you should always purchase that which is more brownish in colour than the bright red people generally go for, as they often associate the colour with freshness. Meat needs to rest a while after it has been slaughtered for the sinews and the like to breakdown and tenderise.


January 2013 - We are now manufacturing in the UK and our products are available through Tomaco trading as Hot Headz, check the distributors page for more info.

New product range

The Rangoon Racquet Club has finalised a new range of curry pastes to be known as the Drum and Bugle Curry Company, to run alongside their range of premium curry sauces. The new range includes Tikka Masala, Dhanzac, Lemon Masala and Dopiaza.